Smt.Mali Bee (PADMA SHRI)

During the 1971 war with Pakistan, Smt. Mali Bee of Rajouri District was the one of the first individuals in the the Rajouri sector to give correct and authentic information of the Pakistani infiltrators. Her undaunted courage and loyalty to the nation at a crucial time encouraged others also to rise to the occasion and soon the army started getting infomation about the infiltrators in the district. As a result of this, a large number of the infiltrators along with their arms and amuunination were captured. For this act of valour, she was awarded the "Padma Shri". This was the first time that this honour was bestowed upon a civilian in the 1971 operation.



Subedar Hony Lt(Retd) santan singh of village Budhal Tehsil Budhal, belonging to 9th J&K Rifles won VirChakkar for his gallant action on night 17/18 April, 1948 in operation at Poonch during the attack on feature MR 115751. He during darkness removed two enemy mines and many booby traps at great risk to his life and crawled up to the first strong enemy Bunker, intense enemy Light Machine Gun fire and hand grenade explosions and quickly threw hand grenade in the enemy Bunkers. the swift and heroic action of his kind put the enemy to retreat from the first Bunker. His action made the company to move forward through heavily mined and booby trapped enemy grounds.    

Late Havaldar Depty Lal (VIR CHAKAR, POSTHUMOUS)


L/Hav Depty Lal resident of village Kalideh Tehsil Sunderbani won the gallantry award of Vir Chakkar (Posthumous) for his heroic action in mopping up operation on feature pt 5460 on 15th June, 1948.  When the company was only 150 Yards from the objective, enemy opened up with heavy and small Arms fire from front and deflating fire with Bren and Rifles from two Sanger's from spur on the right MR 547355.  This was soon followed by enemy 3 inch motor shelling from behind the objective. This retarded the progress of the attacking company but Number: 4316 Late L/Hav DeptyLal always quick with his six figure map references of enemy defended localities and concentration brought own Artillery fire very effectively and silenced enemy guns and Mortars. This, he had to do from a position which was being swept by enemy fire and while so engaged he got an enemy Light Machine Gun burst on his forehead which killed him instantaneously. 

On 18 April, 1948 Number: 43816 L/Hav Deputy Lal of 45 Bty 16 Field Regiment was OPA to the FOO who Accompanied the Sikh Light Infantry in their attack on HILL feature 304937 Katora Khari. This feature was strongly held by the enemy and the only possible approach, a difficult route was constantly covered by heavy enemy fire of Medium Machine Gun and Light Machine Gun. This had held the Infantry advance to this very feature on the previous night. L/Hav Deputy Lal assisted the FOO in the observation of fire on difficult country under constant heavy Machine Gun fire and remained with the forward most elements of the leading company. This duty he performed with utter disregard to his own life and thus not only helped the FOO to bring down accurate fire but set an example of gallantry to the leading elements. He was one of the first few to reach the top of the objective and thus again helped to bring down, Artillery fire on the enemy collected on the lower forward slopes of the same hill, which nullified all possibilities of an enemy counter attack. This NCO's devotion to duty was a great cause of effective Artillery support to the Infantry in this hazardous Operation which was consequently a great factor in capturing the objective.


L/NK Mohd Iqbal (VIR CHAKRA)

L/Nk Mohd Iqbal Malik of Darhal Tehsil Thannamandi belonging to 1st Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry won the Vir Chakra for his brave deed in August 1972. Number: 9071115 Lance Naik Mohd Iqbal Malik was section Second-in-Command of leading section of point platoon of the company while he went for raid on a well built defended locality of the enemy across the cease fire line in Jammu & Kashmir. As the section came to objective the enemy opened fire with Medium Machine and Light Machine Guns and 2 Inch Mortar as a result of which one of our men was killed and two wounded or injured. When this section dashed into enemy defense Number:9071115 Lance Naik Mohd Iqbal Malik found a 2 Inch Mortar pit where two enemy soldiers were busy in firing a 2 Inch Mortar. L/NK Mohd Iqbal Malik rushed to that 2 Inch Mortor pit and threw the Hand grenade. Soon the 2 Inch Mortar which had pinned down the platoon was silenced. Both enemy soldiers lie dead nearby. Soon after, this No: 9071115 L/NK Mohd Iqbal Malik turned towards medium machine gun bunker but got seriously wounded and could not be traced and was declared missing/believed to be killed. Inspired by his boldness his men made short work of many enemy bunkers. In this way No;9071115 L/NK Mohd Iqbal Malik displayed courage determination and leadership of a high order in the best traditions of Indian Army and as such he had been awarded Vir Chakra.


Ex. Hav. Bhagat Ram of village Kalal Kas Tehsil Rajouri won VIR CHAKRA on 15 December 1948, for his heroic action on Punjab Hill. This young man was observing enemy movements on the ridge opposite. His bunker was blown to pieces after having received four direct hits, but this fact didn't keep Hav Bhagat Ram from carrying out the duties allotted to him. Picking up his Bren Gun he walked in full view of the enemy to slit trench some five yards away where he installed himself as Sentry and continued with his duties. It was not long after this that two enemy shells hit his trench and blew away the barrel of his Bren Gun. This additional mishap also failed to daunt the courage of his gallant little Dogra Sepoy. Once again he left his trench, walked over to his demolished banker, brought back the spare barrel, fixed it to his gun and carried on his observations undismayed. For his devotion to duty and great courage and gallantry in the face of such a terrific on slaught this gallant Dogra was recommended for the immediate award of the Vir Chakra.


Late Rifleman Hans Raj of village Sodra Tehsil Sunderbani performed his gallant act on the 18,May,1960 in Naga Hills for which he won Kirti Chakra. He was the leading scout of a platoon that was sent out on 18th May 1960 to combat a particular area in NAGA HILLS for the hideout of suspected hostiles. This area is highly mountainous and contains thickly wooded and steep rocky slopes. The platoon had therefore, to advance over a narrow foot track along a ridge. As the patrol reached a spot about 50 yards from a high vantage point, it came under heavy rifle fire. In spite of the firing the patrol pressed forward and then Rifleman Hans Raj charged hostiles position throwing hand grenades and also firing his stengun. This bold and gallant action forced the hostiles to leave their position. Rifleman Hans Raj then moved further forward in utter disregard of his personal safety and when he was about 10 yards from the enemy position, was shot through the head and died instantly. His conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty in utter disregard of his personal safety was in the best traditions of the Army, for which he laid down his rifle.

A number of our gallant young men performed heroic deeds in various operations of War. Their names and the name of awards won are given as under:

List of Awardees







Sub Maj (Retd) Parma Nand

Vir Chakra (1947-48)

Manjidhara, Kalakote


Late Sub Parveen Singh

Vir Chakra (1947-48)

Devak, Sunderbani


Late N/Sub Lekh Raj

Vir Chakra                           OP Maghdeet

Dabber Potha, Nowshera


Sub Maj (Retd) Sunder Singh

AC-I 1956

Kinara, Nowshera


Hav Sawaran Singh

Vir Chakra                            OP Pawan

Minka, Sunderbani


Late Nk Inderjit

Sena Medal (1971)

Chapran, Nowshera


Late Rfm Kulwant Raj

Sena Medal                               OP Maghdeet

Dabber Potha, Nowshera


Hony Capt Mahinder Singh

Sena Medal (1986)

Kalideh, Sunderbani


Sub Ram Lal

Sena Medal (1988)

Jhangi, Sunderbani


Hony S/Maj Jagat Ram

IDSM (1939-45)

BajaBain, Sunderbani


Ex Sep Sunder

MM (1939-45)

Sakri, Budhal


Ex Hav Ghulam Hussain

Mentioned In Despatch (1988)

Darhal, Thannamandi


Ex Nk Romel Singh

Mentioned In Despatch (1947-48)

Qila Darhal, Nowshera


Ex Sub Roshan Lal

Mentioned In Despatch (1971)

Kalideh, Sunderbani


Late Sub Ranjit Singh

Mentioned In Despatch (1947-48)

Qila Darhal, Nowshera


Driver Nanak Chand

MM (1939-45)

Prat, Sunderbani


LateL/Nk Balak Ram

MM (1939-45)

Badhal, Budhal


Sub Dayal Singh

Mentioned In Despatch (1947)

Dharamsal, Kalakote


Late Sep Amar Nath (Bachelor)

Mentioned In Despatch (1971)

Kangri, Sunderbani